Marlize Joubert has been studying the healing arts most of her life. Her roots are in Yoga; (Vinyasa, Iyengar, Pranayama, Ashtanga, Yoga philosophy), Meditation modalities, nutrition and the juicy mystery of life itself.

Curiousity and honest self-exploration has always been a source of tremendous healing for Marlize and her calling to be of service to the world at large has been clear to her since a very young age.

Marlize currently lives in sunny California where she teaches Yoga to a wide variety of people, privately and in studios. Marlize leads workshops, trainings, immersions and retreats. Marlize has taught over thousands of hours, and is a qualified E-RYT 500 teacher trainer, and leads yoga teacher trainings.

Meditation circles and trainings are more gifts she offers to her students. Her study with energy, intuition, her own personal philosophy, and her inherit sensitivity, has given her the gift of teaching/holding space from a deeply connected, highly vibrational space. The work is highly transformational and empowering.

Marlize continues her journey as a student of healing arts and considers herself a lifelong student due to her life outlook that there is no limit to knowledge and understanding. She is deeply grateful for all the wisdom of all the teachers and lineages before her.

They left us with a wealth of knowledge where anyone can find support through the ever changing universe.

Marlize has been teaching yoga since 2005. She hold certificates from Yoga Works 500hr, Exhale 500hr, Para Yoga 50hrs, Ritam Yoga 200hrs, Shiva Rea 50hrs, Healer Training levels 1-6, Advanced Medical Qi Gong 3yr, Thai Yoga Massage. 



Annie Carpenter, Sonya Cottle, Lisa Walford, Jasmine Lieb, Saul David Rey, Shiva Rea, Erich Schiffmann, Hala Khouri,Maty Ezraty, Rod Stryker, Chad Hamrin, Rachel Simmons, David Elliott, Nita Rubio, Cass Phelps, Peter Evans, Domi Sire, Her Mother & father, God, Nature, 
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how it all started...

she began her journey... (coming soon)

Photography courtesy of Yannick Belamine

Photography courtesy of Yannick Belamine


love is the only thing that is real

Photography courtesy of Yannick Belamine

Photography courtesy of Yannick Belamine


express yourself into becoming

Photography courtesy of Yannick Belamine

Photography courtesy of Yannick Belamine


let go and be flown into the beingness of your own


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Why she chooses to walk her path.. (coming soon)