yoga works brentwood    m/W 6:30pm

HOT8YOGA. SAMO.   M/T/T 12-1pm. 




UNPLUG.  SAMO.          sun 5-5:45pm

HOT8YOGA. BEV HILLS. Sun 6:30-7:30pm 



energy Healing Sessions



spiritual mentoring


Breath Work

Breath work is a active breathing meditation. It is a very powerful tool that brings rapid transformation and healing. By focusing your mind on the rhythm of your breath, it allows the rest of your body to open energetically. As the energy begins to move, it pushes against any resistances and unresolved emotions, moving those upward and outward. Vibrations and energy begins to pulse through your body giving you an opportunity to experience your spirit and intuition from a more subtle, higher vibrational level. The energy facilitates and opening in your chakras (energetic centers of the body). And as these begin to yawn open you will experience more joy, creativity, intimacy, heightened states of awareness, intuition, and a whole lot of healing. As you continue this work you will feel less and less controlled by your unconscious emotions and mind chatter. And it will usher in a place where you feel more empowered and more in charge of your life.


My yoga classes are filled with threads of focus, depth, surrender, play and expression. Intelligent sequencing without keeping the focus too much on alignment. It demands one to drop the layers of the mind and sink deeper into oneself. A slowing down to catch up with self! A space to re-connect with your body, and to play more!

It's a strong flow, yet filled with pockets of space for each student to explore what feels good in their own bodies. Ample space to explore deeper and stronger, or pull back to something more gentle. I teach from a more feminine place, meaning less control, instead allowing my intuition to guide me. This creates space for me to channel classes from a higher connected and grounded place, creating a never-experienced-before class! This inspires my students to reach higher heights, without it feeling like hard work. I am obsessed with music. So be prepared to move with sound.

I offer private yoga sessions for anyone needing to work around an injury, study alignment, new to yoga, specific intentions around health, weight loss, flexibility, strength building, releasing stress .. and more! Inquire within