Breath Work Lab

Join Marlize for a full day of healing, using an ancient old tool a circular breath technique that my teacher David Elliott calls breath work. Breath work has been passed along from one generation to the next used in many cultures, one amongst them the native american culture. 

This day is themed around self love and romantic love... 

Come study energy, your thoughts, your beliefs, and the beliefs that are held in your lineage. Knowledge is power! Working with the breath we'll be able to unlock unconscious stuck energies and bring them to the surface, examine them, then free them.  Imagine letting go of heart break, and open to a new you and new opportunities for love!

Note that as you step onto this journey, it will change your life and speed up your evolution. The work has a lot of light and power. Hop on if you feel stuck, in transition, need a change, or simply want to study more around energy and intuition. 

In this lab workshop there will be lectures, practical application, self study, written exercises and partner work. 

I am keeping it a small circle, so note it might fill up. 

Contact me with any questions. 

Join me for a breath work circle on Sunday nights at 7pm at Hot8Yoga in BH to get a feel for the work. 

Exchange $150 

Sign up LINK

More info on my teacher David Elliott

It is not mandatory, but helpful to buy David's book, Healing as we will be using it on this day.

You can buy it on his website.