Marlize Joubert is a one-of-a-kind teacher. She owns a unique set of gifts that elevates body, mind and spirit to new levels of awareness and states of bliss. Her offerings are shared in group or private settings.  

Her mediums are yoga, breathwork, energy healing, mentorship, spiritual guidance, lecturing and writing. 

Photography courtesy of Nicole Goddard Photography.



Marlize is well trained in many yoga modalities. Some of which are vinyasa (Iyengar, ashtanga), hatha, yin, restoratives, pre-and post-natal, and yoga therapy.

She started her teaching career in 2006 in sunny California, amongst some of the worlds best mentors and teachers. 

She can customize her work to fit your needs. Be it injured , tight, newbie, elderly, scolioses, back injuries, hyper mobility, teenagers, weight loss, fitness, stress reduction, alignment study, and so on. 

Her favorite style for a group class is a vigorous vinyasa flow class, accompanied with music. Expect a big emphasis on breath, staying present, and a container that feels spiritual allowing for spaces of silence. 

And permission to go at your desired level and pace. A perfect balance of depth and lightness, challenge and surrender. 



breath work

Marlize has been a student of this particular breath work modality since 2010 when meeting her Spiritual teacher David Elliott. Breath work is a simple-to-apply rhythmic breath technique you do laying on your back. 

During this time breath (prana) floods your system stimulating your hypothalamus gland that then stimulates your pituitary, pineal and adrenal glands (douglas glands). It releases endorphins in the brain, stimulates dopamine, serotonin and other 'feel good' chemicals in the body. 

On a deeper more spiritual level studies have shown it to blow open your chakras (energetic centers) in your body, pushes out any stuck energies, suppressed emotions, fatigue, brain fog and confusion. It connects you with your own personal energetic frequency. 

The experience is immediate, powerful, long lasting, transformative, revealing and life-changing. 



Marlize owns a special kind of sensitivity that receives intuitive guidance when entering her space of consciousness.

She feels into your energetic body, tracks its energy flow or lack of flow to gain a deeper understanding of the healing that wants to occur, while creating space for healing.

This can happen with awareness alone and/or touch. Also with the use of affirmations to help release old patterns from the subconscious. 

She receives messages and guidance that supports her understanding of the underlying workings of your soul, connecting dots back to past lives. This help support in the clearing of lineage old patterns and belief systems.

Sending you of with a blank canvas to create new belief systems that serves who you are today.

And lastly, with combined commitment you cultivate the greatest intention of all, which is living with a wide open heart. 

You are a gem on this planet earth.
— — Chandan Jasper Healer