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Are you in need of a powerful and life-altering healing experience? Book a private session.

Marlize customizes each session by following an intuitive guidance system that shows up through her clairsentient and clairaudient nature.

Her energy inspires trust in her students and through it deep healing takes place.

Here are some topics and energies she works with;

Intimacy, self love, self worth, equal exchange, empowerment, depression, anxiety, addictions, self sabotage, death, transitions, confusion, abuse.

Personal volatility, relationships, obsessive behaviors, writers block, dispassion, numbness or detachment, hopelessness, personal volatility, family dynamics, lineage clearing, old pattern clearing, and removal of false belief systems and illusions.

Marlize works with teenagers, young adults, mothers, mother/daughter teams, actors, singers, writers, healers, celebrities, yoga teachers, men, women, couples, and precious elderly.

Marlize is a knowledgeable, intuitive teacher who knows just how to push you when you need it and also when to back off. i’ve received a lot from our sessions throughout the years
— — Emily Deschanel Actress
Photography courtesy of Nicole Goddard Photography

Photography courtesy of Nicole Goddard Photography

‘Marlize has a gift for teaching and healing. She is a True Light. Her strength, passion and intuition allow her to provide her students exactly what they need, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. Marlize helped me find light during a very dark time in my life and reminded me how to shine!”
— — Barry Lowin. Cirque De Soleil professional dancer, yoga teacher