september 13th 7:15-8:45pm


what you resist persists

A breathwork healing workshop

Do you find change difficult, or even scary? Do you feel stuck in your life? Would you like to move on from limiting beliefs that keep you feeling small or scared in life? Join us as we delve deeper into the healing effects of breathwork!

In this class, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what resistance truly means, why you use it in your life, and the stories you create around the 'illusion' of safety. You’ll have a sacred space for healing the underlying wounds and pain.

You’ll leave with an open heart and a newfound inspiration for life; a new energy space where you get to begin your creative process. You will create a new foundation for love and success in your life, resistance free! Be prepared for a life-altering experience!

What to expect: Lectures. Visualization exercises. Space for emotional release and forgiveness. Breathwork practice. Written exercises.

All levels. Beginners welcome. Bring an open mind and willingness to heal.

The class will be held at Unplug Meditation in Santa Monica. The cost is the cost for a drop in class.

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