Falling In love

Where are you arriving from mysterious stranger?
Looks like you are in pursuit of that which I’m seeking. 

Strong sensations are vibrating through the quiet of my womb.
Rising up from the dead, I am.

I watch as I clumsily climb back into life. Tip toeing around you, intriguing statue you are. Cautiously and curiously like an infant, watching you, I am. As if I’m seeing and taking in life for the first time.

Perhaps it is life I’m seeing for the first time. As what I’m used to receiving came with the stain of fear, birthed through the illusion of death, and disguised as life. 

My resistance is too weak to put up a fight. My limbs are numb. I’m speechless and find myself spiraling out of control. Yes, out of control, I am.

I am waking up from a long hibernation. I feel stirs from the depths of my internal world. I’m coming back to life and all because of this vision that’s taking over my sight. Coming back to life, I am.

One cannot let this gift of vision go to waste. Hypnotized forever, I am. Ruined forever, I am. To see such beauty before me. How will I ever be accepting of anything less?

This energy is soothing, and a healing ointment for my scars left unattended.

My body seems to forgot its practical functions and I witness myself falling to the ground. Paralyzed by sight, I am. Collapsing into a pool of wonder.
Consumed by you. A sight of immense possibility.

Entranced I sit. I loosen my grip of the world for a moment and climb into your body with both my eyes.

How can it be that you are standing here? Taking my vision hostage. Taking over my ability to function. I witness myself melting into you. Is it your dream I have become? Or is it I sitting in a dreamscape of desire?

May I share what I’m feeling? This sugar sweet feeling on my heart. Now dripping honey from my lips, messy as it runs down my skin, caressing me tenderly. Sweet, I am.

Excuse my stare. I’m paralyzed by your beauty and can’t seem to steer myself in any other direction. I’m locked into you forever, I am.

Out of control. Crazy, beautiful.

How rude of you to show up so unannounced.
Could you not have given me more time to prepare myself?

Where do I go from here? I feel a bit lost with this unexpected gift of presence.
How nice of you to stop by. Forever grateful, I am.

And so I treasure this moment and watch as…

You are receiving me, receiving you.
You are feeling me, feeling you.
You are seeing me, seeing you.

Forever in love, I am.