I'm a feeling being

Loved filled words spill through and out of me, splashing against the borders of life. Making sweet love to my lips as they pass through me and onto you. 

The immensity of the moment over takes me and runs me like wild horses. Caution to the wind. Bareback on top of the world. Freedom accompanies me, at last!

This freedom is mine to embody. Suit up. Suit down all barriers. Let go of all armor, I surrender. Why not? This, I cannot answer. 

Naked and bare I stand, awaiting these feelings to penetrate my consciousness. Finally giving them a voice to express. I’m ready to feel. I witness them passing through and out. A fire spreading like a symphony, burning away any traces of sorrow. 

Ashes blowing away in the wind, erasing traces of an old life. An old forgotten story. Belonging to the one sitting on top of the world, feet hanging off the side, watching life. Invisible seer of life. 

Diving into the shadow I go, collecting more of the hidden, yes I seek.
Transporting it back to life, creating a deeper sense of aliveness in my being. I feel. I am a feeling being. I allow an ocean of feelings to wash through me. Cleansing my soul of all the things that ‘weren’t allowed to be felt’, then. 

Through feeling, empowerment filters in. And here I stand. Grounded, empowered and in the fullness of belonging to the one inside.