A love so greatly enhanced by what you become.

A love intertwined with divinity and expressing itself through nature.

A desire for love to enrich and consume all of my existence. I allow.

I am alive. I exists in and through you. I act on your behalf.

You sustain and validate my every act of faith. I trust.

Please reveal yourself in a form I can recognize.

The illusions of you still tease me, and lure me in. I forget.

I give you away freely, and abundantly. Please accept my offer.

I receive your eternal flow back towards me, savoring the grace you've become. I receive.

I open myself in the direction of you. I experience your fragrance as truth. I remember.

I open more widely for you to enter into mine, and watch as I gather more trust. I allow.

Streaming in so strong, the momentum picks me up and I vanish into you.

Disappearing in the love and grace that you are. I surrender.

You I have become.

Grace is how I move.

Love is what I am.

I only exist in the now. In this moment the past has never been.

I am pure. I am clean. I am new. I am forever beginning. I am never ending.

Eternal I am, alive in the now.

Untainted. Free. Unlimited. I am the whole universe in a glimpse of you. I know.

This breath is the essence of existence carried through me, it sustains. I am alive.

It captures. It fuels. It creates. It reveals the truth about life.

The truth that exists without illusion.

The truth that you are. The only thing that is real. You.

I bow down to the power of LOVE.