A World Coming Undone

We live in such interesting times at the moment. I look around and see so much suffering, so much pain, and people reacting in strange ways because of it. And as I sit with this image in my mind, I can't help but wonder. Is it truly life that's creating so much suffering? Or can it be that our resistance to living can cause most the suffering?

The war that's going on. Hostage situations. The anger people dump on others, the outrage, the volatility, the violence, the brutality... It's not exactly helping humanity feeling more peaceful in themselves! Are we meant to experience this first before we can find a place of peace within? Or are we aimlessly drifting into the opposite direction as what we are supposed to experience and reside in?

People have lost their minds, and their ability to contain a sense of hope inside themselves. And it's just so sad to watch how they choose to bring others into their own suffering. Causing innocent lives to carry and experience the pain and loss they feel inside, by dumping all their toxic shit onto them. The intensity inside themselves gets overwhelming, and without the necessary tools to release it, they go sideways, and make some very poor choices. Purging it on innocent lives.

We all know it's just a desperate cry for love. But when is this going to stop?

What can we do? Can it be that our resistance to living can cause most the suffering?

Our resistance to living with open hearts?

How would life look differently? Would it look differently? Is it possible? Or is this just another cliché saying?

I have to constantly remind myself that what I see, and perceive in the world and in others, aren't always as it seems. Through it I am able to release whatever falsities I have in my ego-mind. So I can continue to see and perceive life with more clarity, or otherwise I might go crazy too!

I feel living with an open heart is the only way. How do one do it, when there is so much destruction going on? How would it be if we can stay open in the face of fear, and stop retrieving? Is it possible? What would it take?

I know for myself the only way to stay sane, and have open-hearted moments, is to stop REACTING from past hurts, and start RESPONDING to life instead. This takes a lot of undoing. This takes making lots of mistakes. This, a dance from an old way of being, to a new way of being. Back and forth.

Is it possible to elevate our consciousness so we simply just don't feel the fear?

Or perhaps elevate ourselves above our own limitations, or limiting beliefs? I would love to believe so. And I will continue working towards this goal. Can we continue to love those around us who are unable to stay open in this way? Most importantly ourselves? It is either that, or we get swept up into their fears, and their fears become ours. Which is it going to be?