A calling Home


A calling echoes for myself … 
The time has arrived for me to put my stories on the floor and move the fuck on.  I will turn around one last time, and watch as my footprints are dissolving with my past. Carrying with them a platform for others on their journey upward in search of the light through the dark. 
An expression is forming from the depths of my soul surfacing with mystical medicine, spreading balance rippling across the earth, smothering the old and filling the cracks with a fragrance of harmony and receptivity.  An existence now turning back to nature, with new memories now in the making. Creating a life worth living filled with sensational victories and hearts exploding with exstacy.
I see my soul reaching for freedom
I’m opening myself in the direction of life and allow the vibration of my heart to permeate you, as I allow myself to be witnessed by you, in my dance through life. 
An expression from deep within, flowering from the inside out. Giving myself to myself, overflowing with love, too much to contain inside so please share in the overflow.
Continuing to drop into the unknown, naked, open and vulnerable.  And then moment by moment the unvailing begins. Dropping layer after layer. Bit by bit until I stand bare, naked and in full emptiness.
Empowered by pure feminine essence.  Receiving life. Receiving you. Receiving me.
Away I go.
Through the gates I go, diving into the dark, trusting the light in my heart to lead the way.
I am here. See me. Feel me. Watch me.
I see you. I feel you. And you are beautiful.
Watch me, as I loosen my grip, reaching for freedom, open my arms, leaning forward and let go into everything, resting in a place of nothing.
Choosing love remembering there is no death. My spirit has never died.
We all live forever.  And so as this knowing grounds into me, letting go of the illusion of death, I begin to fall into myself.  Falling … spiraling …. Falling …. Trusting ….
Dropping… I see life takes me by the hand and I begin to walk where spirits only reside, expressing my soul, voicing her wisdom through the strong vibration echoing in my heart.
A calling echoed for myself … a calling now answered.
I am finally home.