A dream come true

A field of dreams carried you into my vision. I see you tracing footsteps in the sunlight. Flowers reaching up for your adoring embrace. An umbrella of birds now towering above you, dropping messages from a time and space not recognized in this form.

I witness a memory reaching for freedom. And gift of song from the trees echoing from above. A scenery painted in a spectrum of divinity expressing itself through a life long dream. A crack in the sky reveals a glimpse of heaven, and a gift of forever filled to the brim. Butterflies nesting in my stomach. Making beauty.

I see a landscape of possibilities. A taste of sweetness on my lips. It is Spring time, and flowers are blooming in my heart. I can see you clearly now. Arriving from a journey across a field of flowers. Vibrantly I see you and the essence of your soul. The honor you make choices from. The respect your energy sprouts from. And your dedication to a life full of meaning.

Life turns quiet as my inside turns on. Light flows in from everywhere. Reality turns like a switch. I feel a shock wave down my spine. My eyes now sharpen into a tunnel vision. I’m holding my breath as this meeting is leaving me paralyzed by recognition.

The air embraces me. I’m held by faith. And loved by you.

My heart is tickled by this mystical package and its sudden arrival. An impulse arises, a swirling desire to unlock the hidden essence of my life force, stored deep below for a rainy day. It must be rainy outside. I see rainbows everywhere.

I climb into the now fully, as if it’s my last chance to wear my best outfit. Speak my unconditional love. Share myself fully with you, with nothing hidden. A desire for you to experience me fully. I’m calling you with the grip of my gaze. I open myself in your direction.

I’m grounding myself into reality, while I’m sharing the preciousness of my existence with you. Sinking my feet into the present, wrapping my toes around the earth while drinking from you. Filling up from the inside out and extend my reach in the direction of now. The eternal residing in the now. I’m sharing in the eternal resting in the now. Forever present. Forever real. Forever and always.

Then breathe in the heavens and breathe out love fearlessly.

I’m Allowing myself to drop below and move from there. A surrender into myself. Falling into grace. Moving into stillness. And then expanding into life. Receiving me fully. Receiving you fully.

Allowing your love to penetrate my core. Vibrating into a light frequency of thin air. Merging with the wind. Weightless drifting through existence. Side by side. Watching as we near the horizon. Greeting the sun. Bubbling over from ecstasy. Claiming freedom as we drift on top of the light. Enhancing life by sharing ourselves fully with it. No holding back. Magnifying the vastness of our potential. Sharing our beauty with the world. Cups over flow with the fullness of life. Experienced through our journey expanding from love."