A dream we call reality

We live in a dream world with an endless supply of hidden potential. Can we allow ourselves to walk across the bridge of forever, listen to stories untold for a future at hand, a new world in the making. These stories will overflow and flood all the gates and entrances to our library of wisdom and knowing. A flash of light will permeate our crown chakra, and merge with a fusion of green crystal light at the center of our hearts.

With a heart wide open, and a soul remembering the ancient, and a body in rest, preparing for a journey into the unconscious. It is watching, and waiting for us to fall into a deep slumber, dropping into reality through the entrance of the dream world. Reality hidden under the umbrella of make belief. In this dream a journey in search of long forgotten wisdom and in honor of a soul in need of remembering. In honor of soul connections in need of remembering one another, so the love can embrace us once more, so we can rest from a long journey in search of like-minded beings.

The ability to see our reality has faded into a cloud of dust, and over a period of time we lost our direction and our journey into our dream world. A place in reality but a place too real to grasp, and so the only way for us to find a way for it to exist in our world, is to call it something other. A dream.

And dreams aren’t real, or are they?

Across the bridge of sleep I invite you to join me on this journey into the realness of existence. It is reality painted in a world covered in dreams. The fantasy of it all is asking that you drop what you think you know, and come play in the magic where time and space, in reality, are the real dream. What you think you know, and live by, day in and day out, is in fact the dream world. And what happens in the dark after you drop away from the conscious light, is in fact the reality of existence. It is there, underneath the layers of the conscious mind, where we find our path and direction to continue this journey we’re on.

And that which are unseen, the mystery of the dark, is the journey lit through guideposts, illuminators and light bearers of our ancestors, showing us the way to reality, through a dream of what we label as make belief.

What will happen if I give in to this mysterious encounter, and allow my body to fall so deep asleep, that my soul can rise to the freedom of its inheritance? Flying through the moment, traveling, building castles in the sky. Designing a home underneath the hidden, in the corners of existence. Tracing back time, gathering footprints along the river of life.

Locking in visions from time and space, flowering from the inside out. Drinking from the fountain of life, and sharing it, in a rain poor, sprouting all hidden potential for this life, so all can birth the dream world, into reality. A dream, a dream of another world we walk into reality. May the real existence please stand up, take the label of truth, and light the way through the dreamscape of our potential."