Different Shade of Rainbow

What happens when what you desire in life, become you? When a vision you had about a life, is now stamped on the ground you walk on? The rays of light penetrate your awareness and color your perception with a new insight.


I see something other than what I have in the past. The mirror now is shining in a different shade of rainbow.  A desire to become something other, has handed me a discovery of thy true self. I never thought I could ever be the one I admire, and look upon in wonder. The appearance of the light through the shadow has to do with my reference point. A reference point that shows me the path of healing I’ve been on. It sheds light on what has left my blood, purifying my heart, and creating solidity in the foundation of my being. I merged with the one I have been in wonder of. How did she birth into this earthly presence?


Perhaps little by little, breath by breath.


Dripping sweat from a hard labored healing journey, creating a pond with a mirror like image, more beautiful than any dream in the making. Rose colored, rich in life and its promises.


Family who I looked up to in the past, now seemed to carry a different shade of rainbow. Have I met those who I have been in admiration of? Not that it really matters to the heart of mine, and yet, in awe I sit, speechless, allowing this newfound discovery to blend into my understanding. Filing away in the newfound me. A reference point, a family being, a gift of self-discovery. I thank thee for showing me, the new of whom I have become.

 And I now see you clearly, brother. So many lessons compressed into one visit, conspired by the heavens. I’m beginning to see an ocean of reflections for my soul. The waves washed the dirt out of my eyes, and what I see now is so very different from yesterday. I am not that, which my mind was stuck in for a very long time. I am this. And this is not that of yesterday. And this is so much more of what I expected of tomorrow.


I see an energy we share. An energy big enough to destruct all of humanity. The volatility spread pain as far as it can scream. I see a thread that is keeping us caged in and twisted into a whirlwind of confusion. I will walk till end of time in search of healing and liberation from this tormented monster. I see it sucking the life out of my mother, my brother and I. But for me, less and less. And I ask that the tenticles get weaker and weaker that is keeping me hostage. And I ask instead may I master the process of healing in this part of my lineage so I can free those who are enslaved by this monster.


And so we heal, we teach, we learn we teach, we teach, we become, we become, we enjoy. We enjoy, we live. We live. We are. As we are, we become love. Then love becomes the medicine of all. Yes, we become the medicine for all.

 And then life turns a different shade of rainbow. And the reflection in the mirror, an image I look upon in wonder. Can it be that I am that? Thank you for another reference point, showing me the mirror image of the soul I am. The healing I am. The love I am. And the different shade of rainbow I mirror onto you