What Do You Choose?

Today ushered in a shift in the way I choose to live my life. I have walked a thousand miles on this earth plane, seeking for something I thought i needed in this life to survive. 

To be all I can be. Something from someone that I valued higher than my own worth. If only I can do this, and this and this, then perhaps I can become that. We are driven by the unconscious more than the conscious and we choose, unknowingly to live closed of to a life that can offer us more than we can ever imagine. 
Or think we deserve. A shift in reality happens when we get to see a glimpse of the truth of our lives. As if for a moment we earned the right to see a lil deeper into this life, and are able to recognize where we are stuck. And not living according to our expansion of our birthright. 

How much am I worth? As much value as you place on me? How much should I work for this worth? What do I need to give up in exchange for this number placed on my worth? Do I honor another's opinion above my own? Fascinating that we choose to trust another above our own heart. Who we claim to be is what another validate you by. 
Until the day arrive where you choose differently. Where you change the order of your life. Where you realize what you see is what you create for yourself from the inside. What you believe is what you allow yourself to believe. Is it true? Is it your truth? What is your truth? Truly? Who am I? And what am I worth? without the labeling or validation of another? I get to choose what I am worth. And what would that be? 
I choose to stand in my power and allow life to bring me what I am inside. And what I see around me is truly beautiful. I am that I see around me. 

Today I expressed my truth, knowing it might create hurt in another. And create a freedom in myself. Why did I choose to do this? Cos I am worth it. I am worth standing up for love. I am done with this story that run my life for 30 some years. Driven by guilt and fear. It doesn't serve me anymore. It has never served me. What serves me now is loving what is, and stop waiting for another to proof I am worth the love I am. 
I choose to only carry what belongs to me. I choose to abort working hard for love or give anything up for love. As I am the vibration of love. No need to work or become to receive love in return. I am filled with love. The value I am is what I treasure and what I see with clarity and I fill my existence with my own presence and know I am. I am. I am. I exist. 

Thank you for teaching me the value of love. The value of what I am. I know now deep in my heart love doesn't expect you to work hard for it. Or give up a part of you for it. If love wants to show up, let it merge with the love inside. An equal exchange. No pull or tugs in power. 

No more guilt trips, no more games, no more confusion. No more carrying another's pain. No more working hard for love. No more giving away of my precious energy. Only those who treasure and give will also receive. 
What I have is who I give to those who are willing to meet me. It is a continual flow of energy. A give and receive.