A journey one can only achieve by the ‘act’ of non doing.

Can one trust enough to step away from this place of controlled existence?

A place alive in the mind space only. A place of illusions and confusions.

Stepping into an eternal space of vulnerability where time doesn’t exist.

This I gift myself with. An experience one can only attain through the absence of the tainted mind.

An experience ushering in an opportunity to receive.


To receive what is visible in front of me.

What is it I see before me?

Not what do I want to see.

Or what I think I see.


Or what I see through the veil of my own life’s experiences.

Life experiences that clutter my vision and distort my receptivity.

What do I truly see before me? Who are you? Who are you underneath the surface of this life?

 Let me close my eyes, to truly to see you.  Receive you.

In your magnitude and honor.

Scarred on your journey through life, yet illuminating brilliance.

Can I dare permit myself to look fully, and completely into you?

The immensity of your soul. The expansion of your heart.


A lifetime of experiences shining through your eyes. Underneath the layers of your existence.

Where your soul sits untainted by life. An expression of your whole life, summed up into this glimpse of existence.

It speaks loudly of your whole life right before my eyes. This moment. Right here before me.

 What do I see before me?

Before me you stand, consuming the moment.

Mesmerizing. Captivating.

In to you I dare to see. I see only that in you, I am inside.

In to me I see. Vulnerable. Exposed to life I am.


Courageously. Bare naked.

I dare myself to stay open,

even when my mind ties me into knots.


Even if for a moment I choose to give up my power,

loosing myself in the illusion of my tainted mind.


And so I continue to drop layer after layer.

One false barrier after another.

So I get to meet a place of deep exposure.


A place of intimate expression.

Raw. Open. Vulnerable


Standing empty, completely and fully, me.