A bucket full of wisdom turned up at my front door today.

Shaping my day with a deeper shade of awareness.

A deeper sense of understanding, this life and its turnings. 

Connecting the dots and follow a trail back to its eternal beating heart. 

I find myself cozily wrapped inside this world. Hypnotized. Asleep. 

And time after time I practice climbing out of its chaotic make belief.


“Don’t loose yourself again dear one,” I hear myself say.

How do I participate in life, and not get swayed by the illusion of its existence? 

An eternal practice of waking up. WAKE UP! 

Stepping back into a deeper sense of being, while residing in the world.


Seeing life from a deeper place. A watcher

Feeling life from a deeper place. Allowing

Listening to life from a deeper place. Receiving.


Where do I go when I leave? What do I do when I get there?

Sitting in an empty space, filled with a lack of fulfillment… 

In this place I give up my power to feel. 

My power to choose. To transform and exist. BREATHE. 

My power to connect. To feel alive. To love, see, feel, and just

be! A place of CONNECTION. 

There is no separation in this existence I choose participate in. 

Yet I choose to believe so at times. 

Finding myself drifting aimlessly, on my way somewhere. 

Where am I going? Rushing. 

Surroundings unrecognizable by the one passing through. 

Beauty goes unnoticed. Unseen and lost in the chaos of the past.


Moment after moment die, without the gift of recognition. 

Blessings left in the dust behind the hasty one. 

One running away from life, in search of life. 

Just can’t seem to catch it. 

This illusion is robbing me from my power to exist in the fullness of myself.

A place of ownership of my soul and its journey till now. 

And each time when I do wake up and step out of this world.

I find. I discover. I remember. And I merge. 

Connection to the one that is connecting and connected.

A field of immense love and discovery can be mine. A choice. 

I find myself in a continual rebirth. A new me, yet ancient.

A feeling of new, sitting in the unknown mystery, yet familiar.

This place my soul knows so very well.

A beautiful shadow of wisdom that follows me everywhere.

This dance I participate in, so important and necessary,

for I am in need of remembering my own divinity. 

So many gifts each time I come back from a long sleep. 

So many friends I meet over and over and over again. 

Lifetime after lifetime. Moment after moment. 

Thank you for mirroring onto me, the I, that I am. 

Again and again and again. Sorry, as I keep forgetting.

The one hidden underneath the human suit

What a gift this life. What a gift you are, I see before me. 

What I gift you mirror onto me. Mirror onto you. Mirror onto me… 

This life compressed inside me. Is the mirror of this life I see before me. 

This life I think I disconnect from. Is a life I cannot disconnect from. 

As this life I see before me, is inside me. Is outside me. Is inside me… 

This life is the one I am. Has been. Will be. Am. Always. 

Even when illusion takes over, and makes me belief I am not life. 

Life will sit and watch patiently… waiting… smiling… 

For the one that is in search of that which she already is.