Vision for 7 years from now ...

Laying under the Africa sky, counting shooting stars and listening to wild animals making sounds all around. I finally understand why I had to grow up in Africa.  And why I had to journey all the way to the other side of the world, in search of myself, the child that lost herself in the troubles of her surroundings.


 Each piece of memory brought a piece of wisdom with it. An opportunity to see with deeper clarity. An opportunity to feel my power and purpose from an even deeper place.


 I see the bridge, the link between the two countries, and many other bridges over the globe. Spreading wisdom, healing, love and many more wonderful things.


This trip was extra special. The group we hosted this time showed up in a profound way. Each time I host a trip like this, it feels as if it can’t get any richer, and yet it continue to proof me wrong. This feeling I have in my heart, is too big for words.



I understand my life, my journey, and my purpose on a very deep level. I’m living it. I’m loving it. I am walking my dream into reality.  We are packed and ready to depart back to the US where another life awaits. Another community of friends and loved ones. Another family.  What a gift to have more that one life wrapped up in one existence.


My work is never done. And, what I do, doesn’t feel like work either. As long as I give myself permission to rest a lot. Write a lot. And travel for fun as well. Then all is well in my world. I have found myself in places like Egypt, Bali, Ancient Greece, Spain, India … and many more in the last few years.



A relationship has arrived, one I never thought possible. One that mirror my higher souls vibration back to me. That gets me. It is easy. Imagine that. Even the work in it is rewarding. The love is real. A well deserved gift from a life long journey, healing this part of my karma and lineage.


One reward after another. All this because I chose 7 years ago that I will live my purpose and say yes to what my soul needs and desires. I broke through my resistance, and all barriers melt away. Each day that I get to walk on this path, life becomes richer and richer. Prosperity and love all around. This all, cos I have fallin in love with me. All of me.



Clarity is how I see.  Focus is how I direct my energy. Trust is what I have in myself. Power is where I live from. Love is what I receive. Beauty is what I share. Fulfillment is what I gain. Joy is what I express. Courage is what I teach. Surrender is how I dance. Vulnerability is how I show up. Immense gratitude is what I have. And who I am is what I give. Endlessly. Openly. Lovingly.


I teach. I love. I receive. I am me fully. And I love me.