Connections from long ago

Life brings us people we are meant to connect with. And every now and then you crash into one that you know intimately, yet, meeting for the first time. In your search in finding yourself in this big world, life brings you people that come to remind you of who you are.

You can see it shining back from within their eyes. You recognize. It wakes up memories from long ago. What does that mean for today? That is the question the mind wants to confuse one with. Does it matter what it means? Not really. Can I sit with the feeling and savor it instead of trying to figure out its meaning?

The alchemy already happened the moment the energy stirred up from within. A glimpse from the past to light the way into the future. Strong connections from past lives can be just that. A connection and a memory filtering back up again. It's beautiful. It's special. And it's a recognition from a soul level. No one else can see or feel it. And that makes it even more special. A gift onto me.

A mirror in front of me, showing me parts of myself I haven't fully recognized in this life. Waking something up inside me. A feeling of belonging, all unspoken, yet profoundly powerful. We walk along our journey here on earth, and as we stare into the eyes of one we know, we feel we belong. We belong to something so much bigger than the surface of this life. I see you!

The order of this life is so precise and woven into the most beautiful web, divinely inspired. It's just too much for the mind to comprehend. And then there is this new energy stirring from within. A waking up to more parts of myself that I missed, and been disconnected from, for a very long time. Thank you for showing up here today, to remind me of something forgotten. I missed it.

From the outside life looks a certain way, and from the inside it's all so very different. You simply drop under the verbal communications, and communicate with the energy of life and its people. That's where the truth lies. Not in the verbal communications we distract ourselves with. Those are on the surface.

When you look closely, you see everyone is acting out life in a certain way. And then there is the truth. Underneath all that you can see on the surface. And those are sometimes so profoundly different, it's amusing. I so enjoy life in this way. It keeps my day very interesting.

No need to act on this feeling. No need to point it out. No need to do anything about it. Other than just to receive it. To enjoy it. And feel the energy it creates within my body. It puts me on a high. I see you. I know you. I feel you. I remember you. I see myself in you. I remember us both in another form. And it's beautiful. Thank you for showing up here today, so I get to smile, just sitting here thinking about it.

The power of our awareness is infinite. I am aware of what I'm feeling and what you bring out in me by showing up here in front of me. And I'm choosing to bathe in it for a little while. I am aware.

The less I try to control my life, and allow it to move me, the more magical moments present itself. The more I recognize you, from another time a space. I love these magical surprises. And those only come in when I stop trying to control life. And trusts it knows the way better than I do. What else do you have in store for me life? I can't wait to be surprised!