Let it be messy

Sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight, I can't help but feel like I'm in a different reality. I watch as people walk me by. And I realize there is so much more to life than what our minds can digest and comprehend. We all live in a space unique to our capacity to perceive. Each time I leave a retreat, after retreating from life for 10 some days, life is different. And of course it's not life that has changed, its the lens I look through into life that has changed. Fine tuned and cleared of any confusion from the smaller part of me, my mind. Clarity has arrived. A deeper dimension of existence, that I didn't know existed, now visible for my seeing. A space in which I can choose to live, whenever I remember to wake up to the reality of it.

And then there is this truth, this shift stays. It is here for good. I am different. This for me is what I love most about what I participate in. The work we put in, the energy, the time, the presence, the sweat, the tears, the laughter, the vulnerable exposures, the risking by reaching through the fear and what scares one, brings this. Something new. Something that uplifts and frees and opens. A space for my soul to breathe. To expand, to soar like an eagle. Connecting the heavens with our reality on earth. Bringing the magic that which we are connected to, into a physical form. So we as teachers can go out in the world, and be that we want to experience in this life. Open-hearted, fully exposed, and deeply in love with self. To experience life through our senses, vibrating with energy, feeling fully alive.

Trusting the spaces between the mind to guide me into the mystery where creation thrives. Where we all birth a new world. One where we don't have to grow through pain, but one where we get to grow through the experience of love. I am doing my work, so I get to teach about love. I can't teach about love, if I haven't fully experience its energy inside me. And so this work I do with my teacher is all about uncoiling that which doesn't belong inside this vessel. The unconscious stories and belief systems that make us belief we are not safe to open to love. That it's not safe to stand in full vulnerability. That we might be abandoned if we show up in an unwavering intimate experience with life and its people. This work is a waking up to my own truth. My own philosophy that makes me act from a place of integrity, respect, appreciation, honesty and of course the energy of the heart. It teaches that we are the creation of our own life. We are magnets of life. We magnify towards us what we are. And if we aren't able to see our unconscious belief systems, life will continue to bring us mirrors to wake us up to that reality. Connecting the dots from past experiences.

The work is self study. What keeps showing up in my life? What challenges do I see over and over in my life? And why do I keep attracting these things into my life? What are they trying to teach me, or wake me up to? A part of myself I am numb to, or can't confront... I can't blame anybody in front of me for an unhappy experience. They are a reflection of what I am inside. This wisdom is so valuable. It has changed my life and the way I view life. It forces me to take responsibility for everything in my life. EVERYTHING. It's all ME. Who I am and what I have is an effect from deep within. No one can make me happy or unhappy. No one can live my life for me. No one can choose for me. I am responsible for me. Every action, every word, every though and every manifestation.

It's about finding clarity within, so I can be more conscious with my energy. And create less confusion or mixed messages outwardly into this world. If we always look for something to fix we will always find something wrong. So it's not about fixing ourselves. It's about becoming present enough to understand how my energy effects the world. How my actions effect the world. And to study how do I show up in this world. Am I creating more chaos, and drama, or am I creating more balance and peace? What message do I send out? And it has very little to do with verbal communications. That is only a small part of it.

Can I love myself enough to show up in respect, no matter what I do? Can I love myself in the face of projections and judgements, especially from those who hold importance in my life? Can I love my insecurities? Can I stop trying to perfect life?

CAN I ALLOW IT TO BE MESSY? That's my message this week. Stop trying to make it look pretty. Perfection is so yesterday. I can stand tall in my nervousness. I can express my insecurity. I can show my feelings to someone. I can make mistakes. I can create conflict by speaking my truth. I can be a leader and teacher, and not know it all. I can be me, fully, in the presence of this world. Let it be MESSY. I don't have to hide that part of myself. It's worth the love that I have to give.

I sometimes forget how valuable the teachings are. I would find myself at times in situations where there is lack of respect, or unconscious behaviors around me in this world. Not that any of those people are doing anything wrong. It's just a reminder of the wisdom I have earned in this process! The valuable teachings that I am learning and now practice. We gather a few times a year in community, brothers and sisters together in one happy family. My toolbox is getting fuller and fuller with ways to meet this life. I am forever grateful for gathering the wisdom I am, to show up for life, my life, in this way. It's life changing, life altering, and purely magic.

I get to judge less, and instead see myself in each one of you. I get to bathe in the true essence of you in front of me, instead of the false perceptions in my ego mind of you. I get to feel more alive. It's quite contagious. So watch out! Life is what you make of it. Do you like what you see around you?