Do I stand alone?

’m projecting a dream into the world, too big to carry alone.
A desire to make a difference in this life is growing stronger by the day.

What if our dreams can make a difference in this world?
And what if I alone, stand up for what I believe in?

It won’t be the first time.
Today I find myself in a familiar longing.

A memory slipped through the cracks from a very long time ago.
Sharing more of my souls journey, mapping older lives across the ancient.

Back to a time listening to the resonance of my voice over a sea of people.
Passionately sharing wisdom through my heart.

Allowing it to fall on every soul ready to hear.
My hands are small and my feet are creating tiny footprints on this earth plane.

Who am I to speak of peace and teach others about love?
What do I know about love? What do I know about peace?
One can only long for something that has been experienced before.

I have been the essence of the creation of love.
What made me choose to disconnect from it?

Perhaps a resolution written in my own handwriting since the beginning of time.I am here to help humanity find the path towards freedom and liberation.

A place of hope filled with the energy of life and birth.
If one asks for such a big reason to come to this earth plane.
One must be handed a life that can push you towards this purpose.

If I resided in the fullness of love since the beginning of my life,
Would I have desired to lend a helping hand in creating a new world?

To stand up against oppression?
To speak up against violence and abuse of any form?

Something is stirring inside me. I’m waking up.
Revealing a life underneath this life.

Revealing a determination and resolution that has stood since before the beginning of time.

The truth is inside this pain I feel deep inside my heart.
The beliefs I fought for, lives I fought for, and wars I fought in.

Tears falling onto this dusty road next to my bare feet.
Cracks in the earth, sculpted all the way to the horizon.

Heat bouncing off spiraling into the air, making the road look even more deserted.

I have walked a thousand miles across existence, walking side by side with death, towards a freedom we are all destined to partake in.

And so today I watch, as the wheels are turning on this dirt road.
Circling round and round. Circling from beginning to end.

Ending back at the beginning.
The beginning now experienced in a new awareness.

Standing at the same place where I started,
Only now, seeing it for the first time.

Our lives lead us through a journey over the same lonesome dirt road.
If you look closely you might see familiar footprints underneath the cracks in the earth.

Ancient wisdom poring to the surface from an existence lived in honor.
Only love endures. Love remembers. Love recognizes the journey.

And recognizes the ones we meet along the path, over and over again.
Do I stand alone, this time around?

I am you and you am I.
Connected together through love and memory.

With you around, I know I will never stand alone.