Let go to find

My body is like the wind, moving with the sight of hope.

Hope and possibility, in a world where hopelessness resides.


In a world where freedom is not always a choice.

In a world where pain sometimes leads the way.



My life that I embody is a vehicle in which change can be a reality.

Birthing from the womb of our mother, beautiful nature itself.


I witness myself dropping into a heightened feeling state.

Now fully immersed into the moment, I am open.


Open to stand up for the hopeless and speechless.


With each life receiving breath I fold even deeper into myself.

Dissolving into her. Finding new ways to bring peace to the world.


She is crying abuse.

I can feel her tears inside mine.


Or is it I crying for her?


A knowing so tangible I can taste it.

Touching the untouchable with my gaze from within.


Here I stand.


Watching. I am watching. Participating in this destructive flow of life.  

An act of desperation. No more abuse. This mother, creator of life, is dying.


It is not a question of what I can do.

It is more a question of how can I embody the divine feminine that is needed to heal this world?


Become the ointment.

Live the message.

Voice the truth.


Experiencing life from a place of being.

Become that which we want to see around us.


Slow down.

Embody peace.

Embody her.

Embody YOU, the real you.


Just be.



I offer myself to receptivity, in honor of my divine mother.

And all the mothers in the world and the world itself.


Time to stop thinking. Time to be guided by the untainted feelings in my heart.

Leading myself safely through the mystery of her tender embrace.


Allow beauty to rise up and heal.

Allow existence to embody her.


She is the ointment for scars unattended.

Can we allow ourselves to merge with her?

Open to her? Become that part of her, that we are inside?



A turning point.


Discovery of oneness through connection.


Independence through sharing.



Discovering solitude through loneliness.


Silence through communication.


Trust through fear.


Love through illusions.




Just close your eyes.

Let go, to find.